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Staying Authentic in Digital Spaces: How to Show Empathy through Text and Chat

Listen in as a few of our consultants from Option Line, a 24/7 pregnancy helpline, share their approach to demonstrating compassion and care through digital channels such as online chat and texting. In today’s world, where texting has become a preferred mode of communication, Option Line has adapted to these new trends while maintaining the same level of empathy and support. Through their innovative use of digital communication while following the steps of the Love Approach, they have made it easier for people to access the help they need, when they need it most.

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Babies Go to Congress and March for Life Recap

Heartbeat staff members, Andrea Trudden, Tracie Shellhouse, Terri Fox, Lora Current, and Jessica Warner share about their experiences at the first Babies Go to Congress and March for Life since the Dobbs decision. Get a behind the scenes look at their meetings in Washington D.C. that gave three moms the opportunity to proclaim the life-saving, life-changing work of pregnancy help organizations to their legislators.

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World Perspectives – Judaism

International Program Specialist, Ellen Foell, speaks with Sandy Shoshani from Be’ad Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) about Jewish culture and how it relates to life issues (including abortion).

Join us as we explore how different cultures view life issues in this “World Perspectives” series of episodes so that we can better understand how to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies and help them to choose life.

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Welcome Tracie Shellhouse!

Get to know Heartbeat’s new Vice President of Ministry Services, Tracie Shellhouse! Learn more about her background in ministry, and find out what books she is currently reading. Former VP, Betty McDowell, shares a few stories as well as she passes the baton off to Tracie.
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Catching Up with Kirk

Kirk Walden is a longtime member of the Heartbeat family, so Betty McDowell caught up with him during Pregnancy Help Institute to see what he’s been working on lately! Find out what Kirk has witnessed in the post-Roe pregnancy help movement, and how the power of compassion can ignite the church to serve more families than ever. Click below to check out Kirk’s book, The Wall and stay tuned to for upcoming projects!

Kirk’s book: The Wall

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Dobbs in Plain English

Denise Harle of Alliance Defending Freedom joins Danielle White, General Counsel of Heartbeat International as they explain what the Dobbs decision means and debunk some of the common myths.

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Contenders – Marc Newman

Marc Newman, author of the book, Contenders, talks with Jor-El Godsey about the importance of not just speaking a pro-life message, but messaging it well. They discuss how to talk about life issues with friends, family, and at church, where silence on this issue can often hurt those who truly need healing.

Marc’s website:
Visit for more resources on the Dobbs case.


Letter to the Soldier

Feeling like a wounded soldier, weary from battle and overwhelmed by what lies ahead? This episode is for you! Julie Parton shares a “Letter to the Soldier” devotional and talks with Jor-El Godsey about how it applies specifically to the season that the pregnancy help movement is currently in.

Letter to the Soldier – author unknown

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Impact on States – Dobbs Part 2

Heartbeat Vice President, Cindi Boston-Bilotta, and Product Marketing Specialist, Jessica Warner, discuss possible outcomes of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization as it would impact individual states. They will also share ideas and resources to help your state and organization prepare for the outcome as well as continue to work towards more life-affirming legislation.

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Dobbs 101

This episode is the first in a series of episodes on the upcoming Supreme Court case, Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Oral arguments begin in December, but the topic of abortion legislation is already heating up in the news. Listen to Jor-El Godsey, Danielle White, and Ellen Foell as they give a crash course on federal abortion legislation from Roe v Wade to Dobbs.

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