God’s Infinite Mercy – An Abortion Recovery Story

Jeff Joaquin was a high school football star, eager to pursue a career in the NFL when his girlfriend told him the news that she was pregnant. Filled with fear, Jeff drove her to the abortion clinic in July of 1987. Thinking this event was behind him, Jeff continued on with his life, but spiraled into bad decisions, addiction, and distanced himself from God. It wasn’t until decades later that Jeff realized the true impact of his decision and began the journey towards healing. Now, Jeff shares his story in hopes of helping others understand the infinite love and mercy of God, no matter what their past may hold.

Arise Daughter – Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

Sylvia Blakely, RN, MS joins Beth Diemert in this episode as we highlight Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. Through her ministry at www.AriseDaughter.org, Sylvia meets men and women where they are and walks alongside them on a path to healing. Beth and Sylvia also discuss how we can best serve women who are facing the trauma and regret of chemical abortion.