Concierge Consultation to Advance Your Mission

Connie Coleman joins Beth Diemert and Sara Dominguez to explore this new benefit for Heartbeat affiliates to tap into consultation services. Connie comes from a pregnancy help background and knows how to help you get to the next level with your pregnancy help organization! These concierge consultations are tailored to your center’s needs to make sure your organization continues to advance your mission and vision.


Coffee with Kirk – Encourage

Introducing a new series with Heartbeat’s longtime friend, Kirk Walden! Join Kirk in this first episode as he explores the idea of encouragement as the antidote to “hardened heart syndrome”, and what this looks like in real-life situations in the pregnancy help movement.

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Pregnancy Help News Brief – Ep. 3

Pregnancy Help News Managing Editor, Lisa Bourne, brings us the latest updates on lawsuits concerning Abortion Pill Reversal in California and New York. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network continues to stand ready to serve women who are seeking to reverse the effects of chemical abortion in an effort to save their babies. Lisa also recaps Heartbeat International’s recent Annual Conference and discusses next year’s theme and location.

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Maternity Housing in South Dallas – Thana Hickman

Valerie Harkins interviews Thana Hickman from Viola’s House in South Dallas about recognizing the specific needs of the community and working to meet those needs. Learn how this grassroots maternity home grew to a 61-person staff, with over half being women who served in the ministry and are ready to give back. Thana and Valerie also discuss how to measure success, break client cycles, and how the discernment process might look for an individual considering opening a home.

A Look Inside The Love Approach Ultrasound Clinical

Lisa Bourne and Christa Brown sit down with a student at our recent Love Approach Ultrasound Clinical to give us insight into this hands-on training. Find out how The Love Approach can be effectively used in the ultrasound setting, and how attending the Clinical not only gives you technical experience, but also teaches students to deal with the spiritual warfare that we see on the pro-life battlefield.

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Maximizing Your Impact with Elected Officials – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler joins Leanna Baumer and Beth Diemert to discuss ways to gain positive support from public servants (even those who are not pro-life). Congresswoman Hartzler has a heart for pregnancy help and continues to champion life in the state of Missouri. In this ever-changing political climate, it’s more important than ever for us to stand united for life!


Pregnancy Help News Brief – Ep. 2

Pregnancy Help News Managing Editor, Lisa Bourne, shares Abortion Pill Reversal stories, discusses the efficacy of the APR protocol, and highlights recent court cases, Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report, and Heartbeat International’s 53rd Annual Pregnancy Help Conference.

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Housing Undocumented Women: When, Why, and How

Valerie Harkins is joined by Faith Cintron from Aid for Women (Chicago, IL) to discuss how to best serve undocumented women in the maternity home setting. Faith draws from her experience to answer Valerie’s “frequently asked questions” surrounding this topic.

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  • Undocumented residents may come from all over the world. Maternity home staff should be prepared to be understanding of different cultures and traditions.
  • It’s helpful to familiarize yourself with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processes and build a strong relationship with agents so that residents can obtain the correct paperwork as asylum seekers.
  • Connect with area churches that serve the same culture as your resident to help them feel more comfortable.
  • Government assistance may not be available to undocumented women; check your state laws.
  • Maternity homes can help women stay on top of court appointments and paperwork so that they can legally stay in your home.
  • Ask lots of questions! Be ready and willing to learn.

Hope: The Journey of sharing Jesus in Maternity Homes

Valerie Harkins, Director of the Maternity Housing Coalition interviews Allie Reuscher, Director of The Nesting Place Maternity Home about her experiences that led her to starting a maternity home, and what she has learned along the way. They discuss challenges that come with opening a new home and when/how to share the Gospel.

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Connecting with Churches Year-Round – Embrace Grace

Tracie Shellhouse, VP of Ministry Services at Heartbeat International and Amy Ford, President of Embrace Grace talk about staying connected to churches year-round. Find out what pregnancy help organizations have to offer churches, and how that continuous partnership can best serve women.

Embrace Grace has support groups in churches across the nation to serve women facing unexpected pregnancies. They equip churches with the curriculum to serve women and create strong families with a connection to the church.


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  • A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel hesitant to connect with a church for fear of judgement.
  • Pregnancy centers can approach churches with something to offer rather than just asking for help financially, volunteers, etc.
  • Churches and centers can co-host events to serve women.
  • Pregnancy centers have a unique opportunity to invite women to local churches for continuing support and spiritual growth.
  • Making that initial connection with pastors could be as simple as bringing in lunch for a presentation to church staff or a short cookie reception to introduce the center and what you do.