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Client Marketing – Expanding Your Reach

Bri Laycock, the Director of Ministry Solutions, reflects on how to better reach potential residents in this informative episode of Pregnancy Help Podcast. Learn about using Google analytics to see who your website is attracting and how using phrases may help improve your search results for clients.  Bri also shares about the important role that the “live chat” function has for Option Line and invites homes to think about how it might be used for outreach. This is a power-packed session with lots of insights on taking your website-based outreach to the next level!

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Pregnant woman watching at ultrasound record on tablet | Heart of a Child

New teaching tool for pregnancy centers – Heart of a Child

Heart of a Child Ministries was started through the prayer of a seven-year-old child named Grace in 2012. Its goal is to build a culture of love and life through dynamic Celebration of Life live ultrasound presentations for children, teens, and adult groups. They also fundraise for local pregnancy centers through the sale of Pro-life Prayer Pillows.

Nikki shares how she develops relationships with area schools and community groups that allow her to bring this message in both secular and Christian settings, and how these presentations can be done locally in your own area.

Heart of a Child Ministries will be making a video of their presentations this summer that pregnancy centers can use as a teaching tool.

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Unplanned Movie Scholarship

Unplanned Movie Scholarship

Join Heartbeat International’s Sara Littlefield as she interviews star of the movie Unplanned, Ashley Bratcher. They discuss Ashley’s pro-life transformation, what inspired her to start the Unplanned Movie Scholarship to help women choose life and continue to chase their dreams, and how pregnancy help organizations can get involved.

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Men’s Ministry in Pregnancy Help Organizations

Tony Trammell started back in 2003 after seeing a need — a need for men facing unexpected fatherhood to be ministered to within the walls of pregnancy centers. Since then, he has written program curriculum and has mentored hundreds of clients. Tony shares his story along with insight on starting or strengthening your organization’s men’s ministry.

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First Faith

Moving forward through interesting times

This podcast will encourage and inspire you as to how to move forward with your organization through an uncertain time.

In regard to pregnancy help events, do you ever find yourself asking: 

  1. Donors (What’re they thinking?)
  2. Speakers (How can you partner with them? They want to help you.)
  3. Listeners (Encouragement piece)

Kirk n Jenn Walden 1st FaithKirk and Jenn Walden

Kirk Walden is an advancement specialist with Heartbeat International. He and his wife Jennifer recently launched The Faith Revolution Podcast, a conversation on effectively influencing others with our faith.

Kirk and Jennifer live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee and have five children, a grandson, and a loving hound, Aubie.

Contact Kirk & Jenn

The Faith Revolution Podcast can be found on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.


Encouragement in Uncertain Times

Join us as Sue Baumgarten (Lifehouse of Houston) and Emily Prins (Expect Hope) reflect on encouragement, especially during times of challenge and crisis.  This uplifting podcast acknowledges the challenge of uncertainty while inviting leaders to exercise obedience, surrender, and rest as they lead their teams.

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woman making positive choices for herself and child

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

This podcast, featuring Sarah Sutay of The Lighthouse Station, discusses ways to wake up the desire for “more.” Sarah highlights the importance of identifying values and strengths in the moms and recognizing that they are the experts in their own life. Using what they have experienced working in past decisions, Sarah illustrates the power of reinforcement, especially of the positive, to help the moms in meeting their goals.

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mentoring programs promote positive choices

How Effective Mentoring Programs Change Lives

Lauren Mauk, the Board President of Mommy’s Haven, goes in-depth with the vision and logistics of their mentoring program. With a spirit of “rigid flexibility,” she shares how they vet and train mentors so as to encourage long-time, impactful relationships.

The vision of the program is “interdependent women” — listen to hear how Mommy’s Haven embodies that vision!

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What's the best way to advocate for the unborn?

What’s the best way we can advocate for the unborn?

Heartbeat International’s Sara Littlefield answers one of the most common questions we receive from those looking to get involved in the pro-life movement. In this podcast, Sara offers some practical ways anyone can advocate for the unborn by advocating for the woman.

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Starting a Maternity Home

This hope-filled webinar, featuring Emily Prins of Expect Hope offers encouragement to those in the start-up phase of opening a home. Emily shares from her experience of starting a “social service project with eternal consequences” on how to be prepared for the spiritual battle associated with pregnancy help work. She reminds listeners that the work is part of the process of sanctification and offers practical insights from her experience.

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