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A Little Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way

Betty McDowell, Vice President of Ministry Services at Heartbeat International shares her “PegTalk” from the 2014 Annual Conference in Charleston, SC. Listen in to a sample of what you will hear at this year’s Annual Conference! Visit to find out more.

Online Ultrasound Training for the Pregnancy Help Community

Heartbeat International’s Online Academy is releasing an updated online ultrasound training program. Christine Grimmett speaks with Christa Brown, Director of Medical Impact, and Tammy Stearns, Ultrasound Consultant, about this updated training material, what new features it includes for sonographers, and other ultrasound training opportunities available from Heartbeat.

Heartbeat’s Medical Impact team is ready to connect if you have questions! Contact them at

Interested in signing up? Click here to pre-register! 

Heartbeat Academy

WiLD Leadership Development

A WiLD Heartbeat Experience

Dr. Rob McKenna, Founder and CEO of WiLD, and Dr. Daniel Hallak, Chief Commercial Officer. Rob and Daniel share why the “Whole Intentional Leader Development ” is important and can transform your faith, job, and personal goals taking you to the next level! Join them in-person for Heartbeat International’s Annual Conference or online for the next session of the Leader Development Program.

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Heartbeat Academy

Breaking the shackles of shame

Breaking the Shackles of Shame

With a deep passion for working with women, Dinah Monahan gives some basic pointers on overcoming the lies of shame so as to live in the truth.  She touches on the “fingerprints of shame” that appear in the lives of shame-bound women and discusses the path of surrender by daily Giving God Your Worst.  Dinah closes by introducing some of the free materials that she has made available with hopes that those in the pregnancy help movement can bring healing to shame in their own lives and in the lives of their clients.

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A Why to Live For – You Were Made to Count

What is that one thing that makes your heart ache? What comes to mind when you hear the words, “calling” and “destiny”? Betty McDowell is joined by Dave Rodriguez, author of “A Why to Live For” and presenter at our upcoming Annual Conference for this episode, where they talk about the story behind Dave’s book, and how you can take steps to discover and follow your own destiny in life.

Many people spend a lifetime trying to discover their place in this world. I created Destinyworks to guide people like you to discover your destiny! – Dave Rodriguez.  Start the journey. 

Alert and Oriented x 4

Oriented for 2021?

Listen in on a conversation between Jor-El Godsey and Betty McDowell talking about hope in light of some of the sobering realities of 2021. Are you alert and oriented x4?

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Overcoming Difficult Board Dynamics

Overcoming Difficult Board Dynamics

Sue Baumgarten draws from her experience as a Board member, Board Chair, and Executive Director to offer hope-filled advice on addressing Board dynamics. Thinking of the Board in the noble task of “overseers” (1 Tim 3:1), Sue speaks to common dynamics like “rubberstamping”, toxic members, inactive members, and uninformed Boards. She closes with powerful thoughts on collective discernment via listening prayer so that God can operate as the “burden bearer” for the organization.

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Supporting Women Through the Adoption Process

Supporting Women Through the Adoption Process

In this podcast, Jeannine Floores draws from her experience as a birth mom, an adoptive mom, and the Executive Director of a maternity home and adoption agency.  With light-hearted humor, she talks about overcoming fear in the adoption conversation and offers some practical suggestions on how to support women that are walking through the adoption decision.

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Jeannine Floores is presenting “Presenting Adoption to Our Clients” at the Heartbeat International 50th Annual Conference.

Heartbeat International 50th Annual Conference

How God Uses Your Pain to Bring About Good

How God Uses Your Pain to Bring About Good

What is the value of pain and suffering? How has God used your pain to bring about good, or possibly even bring you into the ministry you are currently working in?

Start the new year off right by listening in as Betty McDowell shares a compelling devotional on this topic to a group of pregnancy help ministry workers, helping them understand the role of pain in their own lives while serving clients so that both can continue on a journey to healing.

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Faith and emotional wholeness

At the Intersection of Faith and Emotional Wholeness

We know it’s been a tough year! Lisa Pinney from the Pittsburgh Transformation Center joins Beth Diemert in discussing self-reflection, living intentionally, and having a healthy work/life balance while keeping Christ at the center of it all. Lisa shares how she uses her own personal experiences to help others heal, and how we can separate “being” from “doing” in order to best hear and receive what God wants to give us.

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