Engaging Pastors as Partners – Marc Newman

Tracie Shellhouse speaks with Marc Newman, President of Speaker for Life, about equipping the body of Christ to be a voice for life. Marc gives us insight into ways that we can encourage our churches to be outspoken advocates for the unborn in effective and compassionate ways, and to keep the pro-life conversation going year-round.

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-Speaker for Life – Marc Newman
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  • Statistics show that there are likely people within most congregations (or even the pastors themselves) who have abortion in their background.
  • It’s essential to continually bring up life issues in churches; it’s not a one-time teaching.
  • Not speaking out on the pain of abortion leaves a void for those in churches that are still asking questions and may be vulnerable to make an abortion choice, or to encourage someone else to have an abortion.
  • Churches have the opportunity to speak the truth of God’s mercy and redemption to those who have abortion in their past and to direct them to PHOs or church groups that can offer healing programs.
  • If abortion is not rejected by society, we see other life issues such as euthanasia and assisted suicide accepted.
  • Syllogism – It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore, abortion is wrong.
  • Approach your pastor with a “giving” mindset, not an “asking” mindset. Bring your subject matter expertise to them. Offer to speak and take the burden of doing the research and planning talks from them. Be willing to speak anywhere at anytime.
  • Thank the pastors and churches of your volunteers for their part in supporting a culture of life.
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