Arise Daughter – Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

Sylvia Blakely, RN, MS joins Beth Diemert in this episode as we highlight Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. Through her ministry at, Sylvia meets men and women where they are and walks alongside them on a path to healing. Beth and Sylvia also discuss how we can best serve women who are facing the trauma and regret of chemical abortion.


Contenders – Marc Newman

Marc Newman, author of the book, Contenders, talks with Jor-El Godsey about the importance of not just speaking a pro-life message, but messaging it well. They discuss how to talk about life issues with friends, family, and at church, where silence on this issue can often hurt those who truly need healing.

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Sad woman

Holding Abortion Clinics Accountable

Abortion facilities should be held to the same standards that other medical facilities are required to meet, but too often, these regulations are not enforced. Reprotection was created to help the the pro-life community hold abortion facilities accountable. Join Jor-El Godsey and Reprotection CEO, Missy Stone, as they talk about what this organization is doing to help close abortion clinics, and how you can help!

Heartbeat Annual Conference – Onward

Jor-El Godsey, Betty McDowell, and Andrea Trudden share a few thoughts on Heartbeat’s Annual Conference and why the theme of “Onward” was chosen for this year. Hear some of their favorite conference moments and get insight into a few things you might want to bring if you are joining us this year in Jacksonville, FL.

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Going Beyond Politics – Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center in Knoxville, TN joins Andrea Trudden, Vice President of Communications & Marketing at Heartbeat International as they talk about how different generations of pro-lifers can work together to end abortion, and how men and women working together are vital to the work of pregnancy help. Andrew gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming Heartbeat conference keynote.

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Faith Opened Hope’s Doors

Hope’s Place in Goodland, Kansas began with just a few hundred dollars and a strong calling to serve their community. With the help of the Life Launch grant program and the resources it gave them access to, Hope’s Place continues to thrive with big plans for the future. Listen as Donna Swagger and a few members of her team tell about how they answered the call to serve, even through difficult times.
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Studying the Bible Relationally

Join Keith Ferrin and Betty McDowell as they talk about how you can go from “I should read Scripture” to “I want to read Scripture”. Grab a cup of coffee and meet up with Keith at our upcoming Annual Conference!

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Anatomy of a Consultation

Listen to this episode as Valerie Humes, Housing Specialist, and Beth Diemert, Director of Affiliate Services, talk about how we can share ideas and work through issues during a consultation with Heartbeat International. Find out how The Love Approach is used to build and strengthen relationships, connecting pregnancy help organizations around the world.

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Letter to the Soldier

Feeling like a wounded soldier, weary from battle and overwhelmed by what lies ahead? This episode is for you! Julie Parton shares a “Letter to the Soldier” devotional and talks with Jor-El Godsey about how it applies specifically to the season that the pregnancy help movement is currently in.

Letter to the Soldier – author unknown

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Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month. In this episode, Cindy Collins of talks about how to prepare your staff to identify and assist victims of trafficking, bringing them to freedom and healing.

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Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888