Biblical Truths About Adoption – Brad Imler

Beth Diemert and Brad Imler discuss what the Bible has to say about adoption, and how we can use that truth to change the conversation surrounding adoption in our culture. Listen in to find out where you might have your own adoption bias, and how you can empower women facing an unplanned pregnancy to understand all of her options more clearly.



  •  Adoption dates back to the Old Testament. God chose adoption as the means to rescue Moses.
  • For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. Ephesians 1:4-5
  • We all approach adoption with some sort of bias, and it’s important to recognize what your bias is.
  • Adoption needs to be talked about often in the work of the pregnancy help organization, as well as in staff training settings.
  • The post-Roe world has changed the adoption conversation
  • Having a conversation about adoption with a client can empower her to look into all of her options instead of focusing only on parenting or abortion. It opens up new opportunities for her.


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Insurance for Maternity Homes – Kirk Thomas

Valerie Harkins brings in Kirk Thomas from Johnson-Witkemper Insurance to talk about considerations when choosing insurance for your maternity home. He covers questions surrounding what insurance companies will ask and how to keep insurance costs low for ministries.

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  • Remember to cover your physical assets and people assets with insurance
  • Take into consideration your home structure – single family, multi-family, or mixed use property
  • Utilize things like security cameras, sprinklers, fire alarms, etc. to help minimize costs of insurance
  • Have a plan in place ready to implement in a crisis situation such as a natural disaster or home evacuation for other reasons.
  • Set clear expectations for residents

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Engaging Pastors as Partners – Marc Newman

Tracie Shellhouse speaks with Marc Newman, President of Speaker for Life, about equipping the body of Christ to be a voice for life. Marc gives us insight into ways that we can encourage our churches to be outspoken advocates for the unborn in effective and compassionate ways, and to keep the pro-life conversation going year-round.

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  • Statistics show that there are likely people within most congregations (or even the pastors themselves) who have abortion in their background.
  • It’s essential to continually bring up life issues in churches; it’s not a one-time teaching.
  • Not speaking out on the pain of abortion leaves a void for those in churches that are still asking questions and may be vulnerable to make an abortion choice, or to encourage someone else to have an abortion.
  • Churches have the opportunity to speak the truth of God’s mercy and redemption to those who have abortion in their past and to direct them to PHOs or church groups that can offer healing programs.
  • If abortion is not rejected by society, we see other life issues such as euthanasia and assisted suicide accepted.
  • Syllogism – It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore, abortion is wrong.
  • Approach your pastor with a “giving” mindset, not an “asking” mindset. Bring your subject matter expertise to them. Offer to speak and take the burden of doing the research and planning talks from them. Be willing to speak anywhere at anytime.
  • Thank the pastors and churches of your volunteers for their part in supporting a culture of life.
  • Share this podcast! Spread the word!

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Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

This is the time of year when we hear a message of peace and good will, and it’s even common to hear Christian Christmas tunes in secular settings. However, we still look at the world and see so much turmoil! Valerie Harkins takes us through a message of what God’s peace provides us during these times both as individuals and as ministry workers.

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What is a Pre-Abortion Screening?

Heartbeat International Director of Affiliate Services, Beth Diemert and Senior Director of Medical Impact, Christa Brown, discuss what is involved in a pre-abortion screening and why a center might choose to offer this service.



  • Abortion pills are sold online with little to no medical intervention or assessment, leaving women in the dark about their options and their pregnancies
  • An ultrasound is essential in dating the pregnancy and in checking for ectopic pregnancy, which would be a life-threatening situation for the mother.
  • Pregnancy help clinics empower women with information and details about their pregnancy and what choices are available to them
  • Pre-abortion screening is about providing her with information that she may not receive online or at an abortion clinic, which then empowers her to make an informed decision about her pregnancy.
  • Heartbeat’s Medical Impact team is available at

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Deceptive Advertising Laws and PHOs

Pregnancy center marketing has been under attack for decades, but recent legislation in some states has made more aggressive advances towards silencing the voices of those who want to provide women with alternatives to abortion. Jor-El Godsey, Tracie Shellhouse, Andrea Trudden, and Danielle White discuss how these laws are deceptive and attempt to tell a false narrative of the work of pro-life pregnancy help.



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  • The First Amendment protects the speech of pregnancy help organizations. Historically, the courts have struck down legislation based on First Amendment prudence (laws were too vague, viewpoint discrimination, content discrimination, etc.)
  • This legislation is intended to cause confusion and fear so that pregnancy centers are scared into silence.
  • Training your staff on answering questions regarding your services is essential to providing quality care for your clients.
  • Be aware of the standards that social media advertising have that might limit how you advertise; these standards continue to change over time.
  • Disclaimers on your website can be helpful, but are not a legal requirement.
  • Be consistent in your messaging. Women need to know that pregnancy help exists. There’s nothing wrong with truthfully promoting your services!


Reacting to Election Results

David Mahan from Center for Christian Virtue joins Heartbeat team members Andrea Trudden, Jessica Warner, and Lora Current to discuss the national ramifications of the recent election in Ohio that resulted in the enshrinement of abortion into the state constitution.

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  • Amendments that states like MI and OH went up against are confusing and broadly worded; this caused much division among voters
  • Voters responded strongly to the concern over parental rights (even over abortion rights)
  • Abortion is just one piece of the “reproductive decisions” wording that is used
  • The abortion lobby falsely claimed that without this amendment, women could not get care for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
  • Pro-life efforts were outspent by roughly 20 million dollars in media advertising by the abortion lobby in Ohio this election season
  •  Church engagement is vital. Ohio saw an increase in churches speaking out against Issue 1, but we still needed more.
  • Some people assumed that Ohio is a “life state” and an abortion amendment could never pass. There weren’t enough people willing to get out and vote, or who didn’t realize the severity of Issue 1.
  • Nine additional states could have a similar amendment on the ballot next year
  • In Ohio, existing pro-life regulations will be challenged in the courts. It will be difficult to uphold anything on parental rights, abortion limits, etc. when put up against the new amendment
  • Pregnancy Help Organizations are vital now more than ever in states like Ohio to be there for women as abortion is pushed on them even more than before


Why Unity Matters for Pregnancy Help

Join Andrea Trudden, VP of Communications & Marketing, Tracie Shellhouse, VP of Ministry Services, and Jor-El Godsey, President of Heartbeat International as they discuss how the pregnancy help movement celebrates diversity while staying united in our mission to save lives and make abortion unthinkable. They also announce this year’s Annual Conference theme, and why it is important for the movement in light of today’s culture.

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Reaching Your Year-End Fundraising Goals – Haley Limo

Haley Limo joins Beth Diemert to discuss how to make the most out of the time that we have left in 2023 to meet your year-end fundraising goals. Plus, Haley shares advice on how to start your fundraising strong in the new year!

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  • Diversify your streams of income so that you can compensate if one stream doesn’t bring in as much as you hoped
  • National trends in giving show that this was a challenging year for non-profits
  • Plan to make most of your asks before Thanksgiving
  • Reach out to a few of your lapsed major gifts donors at the end of the year
  • Make your ask specific. Ask for support for a particular need that must be met in the next year.
  • Start a “story box” to collect client stories that can be used to share your impact with donors.
  • Election years can present opportunities to boost your support from donors.
  • Keep connecting with donors on a personal level. Relationship is important both with clients and supporters.

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Preventing Burnout in Your Maternity Home – Gina Tomes

Valerie Harkins interviews Gina Tomes about how the 24/7 care model of maternity homes can take a toll on staff and volunteers. Through years of experience (including founding the maternity home, Bethlehem House), Gina has learned a few key things to watch out for and how to prevent burnout among staff.

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  • High staff turnover is often attributed to burnout or exhaustion, especially in ministry work.
  • Staff should be trained well so that they are equipped to handle the many needs of residents.
  • Cross-training staff can help each staff member to take time off regularly.
  • Find a housing model that works well for both residents and staff.
  • Retreats and conference get your team outside of their typical day-to-day work and allows for time of fellowship and sharing of ideas.
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