Host Homes

Shepherding or host homes grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s as a new type of housing resource for those involved in pregnancy help ministries. In this model, pregnant women in crisis pregnancies were housed within the spare bedrooms in the homes of passionate pro-lifers. Several long-standing maternity homes, as they currently exist, used some version of a host home living environment as the launching point for developing a housing program. Additionally, many founders of established maternity homes (and other pregnancy help organizations) began by welcoming women into their personal home.

In this episode, we’ll delve deeper into what a Host Home is and how they are used.

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data collection

Data Aggregation Project

Join Mary Peterson, Housing Specialist for Heartbeat International, and Stephen Wallace with the Gabriel Network to talk about a new data initiative from the National Maternity Housing Coalition.

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Forward-Thinking Consultations

Join Valerie Harkins of LifeHouse Houston as she shares tips on how to create a therapeutic environment in the home and why they made the decision to have all consultation activity be forward-looking and based on creative self expression.

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Giving Tuesday | November 27

What #GivingTuesday Is & How You Can Use It

#GivingTuesday is a global giving campaign designed to raise money for non-profit organizations worldwide. In this episode, we join Crystal Velte with Ministry Sync to discuss how pregnancy help organizations can use this day to increase their fundraising efforts. She also helps understand the difference between a #GivingTuesday campaign and regular fundraising efforts.

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Pregnancy Help Appreciation Week - November 12-16, 2018

Pregnancy Help Appreciation Week (November 12-16)

Do you know what Pregnancy Help Appreciation Week is and what you can do to celebrate? If you haven’t heard of it, join Jennifer and Betty as they explain the various events that will go on next week and how YOU can get involved. You should expect special deals, thank-you messages, and extra prayers. We’ll also be holding a drawing at the end of the week where one lucky winner will get a fun surprise!

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Self Medication


Join Mary, Suzanne and Lisa as they discuss self-medication specifically in regard to pregnant women and pregnancy help organizations. In this episode, they will define what self-medication is and how it impacts the women within their programs.

Physiological Aspects of Trauma: Impact on the Body

Join Mary Peterson as she talks with Suzanne Burns, MA-MFS and Lisa Holmes with Foundation House Ministries on the impact trauma has on the body of the woman.

Abortion Pill Rescue Network | 1.877.558.0333 |

Getting Involved with the Abortion Pill Rescue Network

If you are excited about the life-saving Abortion Pill Rescue Network and want to get more involved, listen as Heartbeat International Medical Specialist, Christa Brown, BSN, RN explains how your pregnancy help organization can join.

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Abortion Pill Rescue Network | 1.877.558.0333 |

What is the Abortion Pill Rescue Network?

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) gives women a second chance to choose life for her baby. With more than 500 lives saved since 2012, it is important for pregnancy centers to understand what it is and how it works. Join Heartbeat International Medical Specialist and APR Coordinator Christa Brown, BSN, RN, as she walks us through the process to provide a better understanding.

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