Compassion – Kirk and Jenn Walden

Tracie Shellhouse talks with Kirk and Jenn Walden about the crucial role of compassion in pro-life work. Whether it’s engaging with clients or gaining the support of your community, compassion and vulnerability are powerful tools that help us relate to people in the way that Jesus showed us to do, even when tackling divisive issues.


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Maternal Mortality Rates and Abortion – Dr. Calum Miller

Dr. Calum Miller (speaker at our recent Annual Conference) talks with Petra Wallenmeyer about how maternal mortality rates are calculated and what these numbers mean in relation to a country’s laws on abortion. We often hear the argument that maternal deaths will increase if abortion laws are more restrictive, but is that really the case? Dr. Miller gives us the pro-life response to that argument, and helps us understand what is needed to help mothers thrive.

-Keynote: Dr. Calum Miller
-Workshop: The Truth About Backstreet Abortions

Click here for information on Pregnancy Help Institute! Join us July 24-28 in Columbus, OH!

Breakthrough to Healing: The Remnant Generation

Annabelle Nakabiri joined Ellen Foell during our recent Annual Conference to talk about how stepping away from her home in Uganda allowed her to experience Breakthrough that week by letting the Holy Spirit guide her to new ways of healing. Annabelle serves as the Executive Director of The Remnant Generation and helps women to break the cycle of sexual abuse and child marriage, allowing God to bring healing and restoration.

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An Uncompromising Defense of Life

Jor-El Godsey is joined by Dr. David Forbes, who talks about his pro-life convictions as a pastor and how to “fight” for the unborn as a Christian. He tackles some of the difficult issues that come up when debating abortion, while keeping in mind the compassion needed when talking to both women in difficult unplanned pregnancies and those who are post-abortive.

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Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

Tracie Shellhouse and Beth Diemert share suggestions and pointers from their conference experiences to ensure that you make friends, memories, and post-conference plans that will have immediate and long-term effects on your ministry and personal development. Click here for information on Heartbeat International’s Annual Conference!

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Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Fearless

Heartbeat’s Vice President of Mission Advancement, Cindi Boston-Bilotta, gave this devotional at our 2017 Annual Conference on Joshua 1:9 about spiritual strength and boldness when facing attacks. Find out how God worked in Cindi’s life as she led her team to expanding their services and helping more women. God works miracles when faith is bigger than our fears!

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