From the Archives: The Power of Pregnancy Help

Heartbeat International President, Jor-El Godsey and Board Chair, Dr. Peggy Hartshorn take us through the key moments in the pregnancy help movement that led us to where we are today. Listen to hear how this movement has grown into a mighty force for life around the world from tiny seeds planted over fifty years ago, what its scope is now, and where the Lord seems to be taking us!
This episode was originally published in Aug. 2021

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Staying Authentic in Digital Spaces: How to Show Empathy through Text and Chat

Listen in as a few of our consultants from Option Line, a 24/7 pregnancy helpline, share their approach to demonstrating compassion and care through digital channels such as online chat and texting. In today’s world, where texting has become a preferred mode of communication, Option Line has adapted to these new trends while maintaining the same level of empathy and support. Through their innovative use of digital communication while following the steps of the Love Approach, they have made it easier for people to access the help they need, when they need it most.

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The Power of Writing for Pro-Life Advocacy

Karen Ingle has been using her gift of writing to promote the mission of her local pregnancy center, which inspired her to pen a novel based on the transformative stories that occur through the work of pregnancy help organizations. Karen emphasizes the power of writing to ignite a passion for pro-life issues and motivate people to take action.

Life Coaching for Moms

Lauren Loboda of shares about the benefits of life coaching for women facing an unexpected pregnancy. Through this free 12 week online course, moms can learn life skills and mindset coaching from other moms and professionals who want to support them in their parenting journey. Lauren and her team created this program as a response to the Dobbs decision, when she decided to use her calling as a life coach to offer free virtual coaching for moms.

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Seeking True LOVE: Finding Disaster!

The hookup culture is so destructive to building strong male-female relationships. A large majority of females detest it but are pressured into participating because they think everyone else is doing it. You can help her unhook from hookup culture and find real love as Scripture, science, and the test of time proves females hold the key. Join Dr. Joe Malone, Sexual Integrity Scientist, as he talks with Beth Diemert and reveals why the power to find what she is looking for rests in her on Valentines (and every other) day!

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World Perspectives – Hinduism

Ellen Foell, International Program Specialist at Heartbeat International, speaks with Subitsha Pichaimuthu from India about Hinduism and the beliefs surrounding life and abortion. Subitsha explains how Hindu women are often forced or coerced into making an abortion decision, even though abortion is a great wrong according to the beliefs of Hinduism. As we learn more about other cultures, religions, and worldviews, we can better understand how to offer compassion and support to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Navigating the Impossible – Aisha Taylor

Aisha Taylor had just quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur when she found out that she was pregnant with twins. Undecided about her pregnancy decision, Aisha called Planned Parenthood. Although she was pressured by her twins’ father to abort (and Aisha was still unsure of her pregnancy decision), she found help at a local pregnancy center. Fast forward several years and Aisha is a single mom of two beautiful children, and she owns a business where she helps other single moms to apply Biblical principles to their finances.
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Babies Go to Congress and March for Life Recap

Heartbeat staff members, Andrea Trudden, Tracie Shellhouse, Terri Fox, Lora Current, and Jessica Warner share about their experiences at the first Babies Go to Congress and March for Life since the Dobbs decision. Get a behind the scenes look at their meetings in Washington D.C. that gave three moms the opportunity to proclaim the life-saving, life-changing work of pregnancy help organizations to their legislators.

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FDA Regulations and Chemical Abortion

The use of chemical abortion continues to rise, especially now as the FDA has made it more accessible by allowing it to be dispensed by retail pharmacies. In this episode, Jor-El Godsey and Christa Brown discuss the history of chemical abortion in the U.S. and how the stage was set long ago for the FDA’s recent decision. Listen in on the what this means for women, and how pregnancy help organizations can rise to the occasion to provide help to those who need it most.

World Perspectives – Communism

Svetlana Jovanova from Lydia – A Beating Heart in Macedonia speaks with Ellen Foell about how Communism has shaped views on family, life, and abortion in her country.

Check out our previous episodes titled, “World Perspectives” to learn about  how different cultures view life issues so that we can better understand how to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies and help them to choose life.

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