Maternity Home FAQs

Director of the Maternity Housing Coaltion, Valerie Harkins, takes us through some of the frequently asked questions that she hears from the Maternity Housing community. Valerie covers homes for minors, goals for residents, funding your ministry, housing models, and more!


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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Women seeking help from maternity homes are often caught up in a cycle of domestic abuse. Ashley Potts, Founder and Executive Director of Selah Creek Maternity Home, explains how homesĀ  can prepare to serve victims of abuse by learning as much about trauma-informed care as possible, and most importantly, learning to listen and develop trust. Listen in as Ashley shares how she and her team have helped women go from feeling that domestic violence is just the “normal” of relationships, to making cycle-breaking choices that will have a lasting effect on generations to come.

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