Dobbs One Year Later

Jor-El Godsey, Tracie Shellhouse, Andrea Trudden, and Danielle White reflect on the first year post-Roe. We’ve seen an increase in media interest, attacks on pro-lifers, state legislative battles, and more, and pregnancy help is more important than ever. Listen as the Heartbeat team discusses what has happened and what to expect in the year ahead.

Pregnancy Center Myths Debunked

Betty McDowell, Jor-El Godsey, Andrea Trudden, and Danielle White discuss the false accusations being made about pro-life pregnancy help organizations (including those from the recent Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act). With the work of the pregnancy help movement under attack even more than usual lately, hear what Heartbeat’s leaders have to say in response.
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Let’s Talk Modern Adoption

Beth Diemert interviews Heather Featherston from Lifetime Adoption about how the culture and recent legislation provides us the opportunity to shed light on what modern adoption looks like. Heather speaks about the common misconceptions surrounding adoption, and shares how you can have the conversation about adoption with your client in a way that empowers her to make the best decision for her and her child.

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Dobbs in Plain English

Denise Harle of Alliance Defending Freedom joins Danielle White, General Counsel of Heartbeat International as they explain what the Dobbs decision means and debunk some of the common myths.

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Listen to Betty McDowell, Jor-El Godsey, and Danielle White as they discuss the latest on the Dobbs case, including their thoughts on the leaked draft opinion.
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Impact on Centers – Dobbs Part 3

Heartbeat’s Vice President, Betty McDowell, and Director of Affiliate Services, Beth Diemert, discuss what you can do now to prepare for the impact of Dobbs on your Pregnancy Help Organization. From combating myths about the work of the pregnancy help movement to helping your own staff understand pro-life apologetics, there is work to be done. Tune in to hear their ideas and suggestions!

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