Mental Health First Aid

Housing Specialist, Valerie Humes interviews Vanessa Rock (Good Counsel Homes) about the importance of teaching your staff how to safely and effectively respond to a mental health crisis. There are simple steps that staff/volunteers can learn that will help to create a safe environment for all residents in a home as well as for clients at pregnancy centers.

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Anatomy of a Consultation

Listen to this episode as Valerie Humes, Housing Specialist, and Beth Diemert, Director of Affiliate Services, talk about how we can share ideas and work through issues during a consultation with Heartbeat International. Find out how The Love Approach is used to build and strengthen relationships, connecting pregnancy help organizations around the world.

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Christmas in the Maternity Home

Valerie Humes, Housing Specialist at Heartbeat International, brings you a special Christmas edition of the Pregnancy Help Podcast! Listen to her insight into making the most of the Christmas season in your maternity home. How would you respond if you found out that one of your residents had never heard the story of Jesus?

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Eligibility Criteria for Residents in the Home

Foundation House Ministries has served over 600 women through their residential and non-residential programs. Join Suzanne Burns and Lisa Holmes from Foundation House as they share how they decide what a potential resident’s need level is, and what their ability is as a ministry to meet that need.

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How Much Freedom is Too Much Freedom in the Home?

Amber Hornsby, Founder and ED of Esther Homes, joins the pregnancy help podcast to discuss time-tested principles for managing resident freedoms and privileges in the maternity home setting. These principles are applicable for any program style for maternity housing ministry and are easily duplicated.

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When to Rebrand and 5 Steps to Do It Well

Debbie Capen, Executive Director of MiraVia, a maternity housing program for college students, walks us through her journey of rebranding a previously long-standing brand and what she learned along the way. Wondering if your maternity home or pregnancy center is due for a brand refresh and where to start? This conversation walks you through 5 steps to rebranding with excellence!
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Passing the Baton

An informal conversation as Mary Peterson interviews Valerie Humes, the new Director of the National Maternity Housing Coalition at Heartbeat International. This episode hits on Valerie’s approach to meeting clients’ needs, serving special needs residents, and her vision for the maternity housing community.

Succession Planning

Join us as Emily Prins (Expect Hope) interviews Mary Peterson on the topic of Succession Planning.  Their conversation features lessons learned on helping staff with the transition, encouraging Board in their authority, and dealing with the personal aspects of a change in role.  Creating a culture of leadership development and thinking about growing a resilient organization were two central themes!

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Breaking the Shackles of Shame

With a deep passion for working with women, Dinah Monahan gives some basic pointers on overcoming the lies of shame so as to live in the truth.  She touches on the “fingerprints of shame” that appear in the lives of shame-bound women and discusses the path of surrender by daily Giving God Your Worst.  Dinah closes by introducing some of the free materials that she has made available with hopes that those in the pregnancy help movement can bring healing to shame in their own lives and in the lives of their clients.

Additional Resources

Overcoming Difficult Board Dynamics

Sue Baumgarten draws from her experience as a Board member, Board Chair, and Executive Director to offer hope-filled advice on addressing Board dynamics. Thinking of the Board in the noble task of “overseers” (1 Tim 3:1), Sue speaks to common dynamics like “rubberstamping”, toxic members, inactive members, and uninformed Boards. She closes with powerful thoughts on collective discernment via listening prayer so that God can operate as the “burden bearer” for the organization.

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