Letter to the Soldier

This episode was originally recorded and published before our 2022 conference. Click here to find out more about our upcoming 2024 conference, United for Life!

Feeling like a wounded soldier, weary from battle and overwhelmed by what lies ahead? This episode is for you! Julie Parton shares a “Letter to the Soldier” devotional and talks with Jor-El Godsey about how it applies specifically to the season that the pregnancy help movement is currently in.

Letter to the Soldier – author unknown

A Little Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way

Betty McDowell, Vice President of Ministry Services at Heartbeat International shares her “PegTalk” from the 2014 Annual Conference in Charleston, SC. Listen in to a sample of what you will hear at this year’s Annual Conference! Visit www.heartbeatservices.org to find out more.

Breaking the Shackles of Shame

With a deep passion for working with women, Dinah Monahan gives some basic pointers on overcoming the lies of shame so as to live in the truth.  She touches on the “fingerprints of shame” that appear in the lives of shame-bound women and discusses the path of surrender by daily Giving God Your Worst.  Dinah closes by introducing some of the free materials that she has made available with hopes that those in the pregnancy help movement can bring healing to shame in their own lives and in the lives of their clients.

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How God Uses Your Pain to Bring About Good

What is the value of pain and suffering? How has God used your pain to bring about good, or possibly even bring you into the ministry you are currently working in?

Start the new year off right by listening in as Betty McDowell shares a compelling devotional on this topic to a group of pregnancy help ministry workers, helping them understand the role of pain in their own lives while serving clients so that both can continue on a journey to healing.

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