What is a Pre-Abortion Screening?

Heartbeat International Director of Affiliate Services, Beth Diemert and Senior Director of Medical Impact, Christa Brown, discuss what is involved in a pre-abortion screening and why a center might choose to offer this service.



  • Abortion pills are sold online with little to no medical intervention or assessment, leaving women in the dark about their options and their pregnancies
  • An ultrasound is essential in dating the pregnancy and in checking for ectopic pregnancy, which would be a life-threatening situation for the mother.
  • Pregnancy help clinics empower women with information and details about their pregnancy and what choices are available to them
  • Pre-abortion screening is about providing her with information that she may not receive online or at an abortion clinic, which then empowers her to make an informed decision about her pregnancy.
  • Heartbeat’s Medical Impact team is available at medical@heartbeatinternational.org

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