Dear Reluctant Leader

Betty McDowell talks with Christine Grimmett about what she has learned in her years of work in the pregnancy help movement. Although she was not looking for a leadership role, God brought Betty to Heartbeat where she currently serves as the Vice President of Ministry Services. Listen in as Betty shares what God has taught her about trust, building relationships, overcoming obstacles, and moving forward.

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Letter to a Young Bob Foust

Bob Foust, Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center in Alabama, was honored at Heartbeat’s Annual Conference with a Servant Leader Award. In this episode, Bob gives us insight into what he has found helpful over the years as a leader — from personality differences, staffing, and training to being honest with the Lord, self, and staff. Listen in as he shares the wisdom he has learned!

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A Letter to My Younger Self: Be Brave, Be Obedient

Brenda Newport attended a volunteer training for a pregnancy center many years ago with no intention of later becoming the Executive Director. Now, it has become a family business! Brenda was honored at Heartbeat International’s Annual Conference with a Servant Leader Award, and also was the recipient of the Andy Merritt Scholarship. She shares the lessons she has learned over the years about saying “yes” to God’s plan, even when she had no idea where to start!

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30 Years of Lessons Learned

Kirk Walden, Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International, joins Christine Grimmett to describe the crucial moments in his time in ministry that led him to where he is now. He expands on his recent Pregnancy Help News article in sharing stories of those lessons learned over his 30 years in the pregnancy help movement.

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Dear Younger Me…Where Do I Start?

If you could go back and write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? Amy Scheuring, Executive Director of Women’s Choice Network, shares an open letter to herself about what she has learned over her years of experience in the pregnancy help movement. Join Christine Grimmett and Amy Scheuring as they discuss stories, lessons learned, and moments where God truly showed up in miraculous ways!

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A Letter to my New Director Self

Join Beth Diemert, Heartbeat International Ministry Services Specialist as she dives into the stories and experiences that led her through over 31 years in pregnancy help ministry. Looking back on those years, Beth has a few things she would like to tell her new director self!

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