Housing Undocumented Women: When, Why, and How

Valerie Harkins is joined by Faith Cintron from Aid for Women (Chicago, IL) to discuss how to best serve undocumented women in the maternity home setting. Faith draws from her experience to answer Valerie’s “frequently asked questions” surrounding this topic.

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  • Undocumented residents may come from all over the world. Maternity home staff should be prepared to be understanding of different cultures and traditions.
  • It’s helpful to familiarize yourself with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processes and build a strong relationship with agents so that residents can obtain the correct paperwork as asylum seekers.
  • Connect with area churches that serve the same culture as your resident to help them feel more comfortable.
  • Government assistance may not be available to undocumented women; check your state laws.
  • Maternity homes can help women stay on top of court appointments and paperwork so that they can legally stay in your home.
  • Ask lots of questions! Be ready and willing to learn.