The Relational Impact of Trauma

This session explorers how trauma affects relationships, including relationships with staff in the home, other moms in the home, and in some cases our clients children. To purchase the episode in its entirety, go to

5 Action Items Following Pregnancy Center Service Report

In this podcast, Kirk Walden gives you 5 things you can do to help the Pregnancy Center Service Report achieve maximum impact for the pregnancy help community.

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Trauma-Informed Rule Structures

In this session we’ll look at how create rule structures in the home that provide order and stability but are trauma-informed.

Strategies for Deescalating

We know that things around the home can get heated at times. This session will explore factors that contribute to escalation, and how recognizing those factors can help us deescalate effectively when the need arises. To purchase this episode in its entirety, go to

Introducing Clinical Concepts with Non-Clinical Staff

Pregnancy Help Organizations around the country wrestle with tension between relying of professional, credentialed staff and lay staff and volunteers. This session explores how that tension plays out in the maternity home and ways to resolve that tension for the benefit of the home. To purchase this episode in its entirety, go to

Trauma’s Impact on the Brain

This session provides an introduction to why this topic of trauma is so important in helping our clients find help and healing.